Rob Jones Foundation

The Greenfield Cricket Club Rob Jones Foundation (RJF) is set up in honour of Rob Jones. Its mission is threefold :

  1. To ensure that any GCC player whatsoever (junior or senior) is not prevented from taking part in cricket by reason of financial constraints
  2. To allow the club’s junior section to make applications to help with specific funding
  3. To allow the club’s senior teams to make applications to help with specific funding

The above can be in relation to any matter considered relevant to cricket (and appropriate for the club). This can include but is not limited to payment for equipment, membership and playing fees, other costs of play including travel etc in relation to representing the club or league, district teams and beyond. It can also cover the payment of coaching, but on no account is to be used in any whatsoever for the payment to any player to play for the club.

Application Process

  • In each financial year of the club, applications can be made on via the online application form. Applications will be open for such period as the trustees determine. Emergency applications can be made at any time. The trustees may amend the terms of reference for the application forms.
  • RJF will advertise the process
  • RJF will meet and discuss (either in person or virtually or on email or the phone) to discuss applications and reserve the right to hold informal discussions with applicants to discuss their applications
  • The RJF committee, these terms and application forms will be published on the club website and social media platforms. This will include agreed maximums and numbers of applications permitted
  • Priority will be given to applications from category 1 (above) unless the RJF consider there is a special reason to prioritise another category


  • The initial trustees are Richard Hepworth and Adam Jones. The trustees can coopt up to another 3 trustees.
  • Meetings held will at regular intervals to discuss applications. Any voting will be simple majority and at least 2 in attendance is required for a quorum. If there is equality of voting the chair (initially Richard Hepworth) has a casting vote.
  • Where applications are for £75 or less, no meeting is required, but at least 2 trustees must discuss and agree on the phone or by email
  • Anonymised details of individual awards will be publicised along with any club awards

Individual applications

  • These are applications are made by an individual or by the guardian of an individual if under 18
  • An individual or related individuals may not make more than one application in any calendar year unless specifically authorised by the Trustees
  • Applications will be kept confidential
  • The terms of any grant or loan include a provision that if the individual leaves the club any kit etc is returned and that also any kit grown out of is returned to the club to be recycled for other applicants/other members
  • No application can be made which involves a spend of over £150 (unless in exceptional circumstances) or is an application for a playing season ticket.
  • If the application is to fund a playing season pass, if the individual leaves the club or transfers to another club during the season, then a pro rata amount (based on the remainder of the season left) will be repayable

Applications by GCC senior and/or junior sections

  • Any application made must have the approval of the GCC main committee before it is considered by the RJF
  • RJF will not consider applications if it considers that the relevant section should fund any project from the Club’s own funds
  • RJF will expect to see any application confirming what relevant grants have been applied for before considering any award, loan or match funding
  • The RJF has a limited amount of funds currently, and will look to raise funds in the future from events, sponsorship and the like.
  • If you wish to apply please send complete the application form on our website.  This will be directed to for consideration by the foundation.